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Strength and weakness of youth

Posted by Mobile Bible Saturday, 6 October 2012
In this world, people are trying to express their strengths in different ways. There is competition in all aspects. All the countries are competing to express their innovation from the basic agriculture to space research. As, we all know, in every interview for a job, the question, “what is your strength, what is your weakness?” is asked. Actually this does not refer to the physical strength. The aspect of one’s character which shows him / her different is referred to. In my college days I’ve heard my friends boasting of good handwriting, good general knowledge, being rich, good education, family background as their strengths! Some feel that shyness or short temper or impatience as their weakness. But each Christian, who has permanent union with Christ, should know about the real strength and weakness. To know about this we need not to go to any gym or yoga centers or search for website. There is no question in the world for which there is no answer in the Bible. By His grace, God has given that Bible to us. In the Holy Bible, we can find the life of successful youths who kept God in the center of their life. In this passage below, we shall read about the life of few of them and at the end you will definitely know the real strength and weakness.

1. Joseph:

As the Bible says, in Gen. 39:6, “Joseph was handsome in form and appearance”. But this strength pushed him into prison (Gen. 39:20). He got the worldly love of his father (Gen. 37:3). This got him into the pit (Gen. 37:24). All the above things became useless for him. But what was his real strength? As Gen. 39:2 says, “The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man”. This strength took Joseph to greater heights. He was given authority over the land of Egypt (Gen. 41:43-46).

2. Samson:

He was a Nazirite from his mother’s womb. His God given strength was on his hair (Judges 16:17-20). When God’s strength was upon him, he tore a lion apart as if doing to a goat (Judges 14:5,6); he killed 1000 men with a fresh jawbone of donkey (Jud. 15:15,16). When God’s strength was taken from him, he lost his eyes (Jud. 16:21). When Samson realized that God has taken away his strength, he called, “Lord God strengthen me” (Jud. 16:28). What happened? He killed more people than he killed in his life (Jud. 16:30). Samson was also a young man (Jud. 14:10).

3. Saul:

Saul was a handsome young man (1 Sam. 9:2). God chose him to be anointed as king. In the beginning he hid himself (1 Sam. 10:22). But when he became popular as a king, he used his personal strength and ideas (1 Sam. 15:9). He was rejected by God. The Spirit of the Lord was taken away from him and he was troubled (1 Sam. 16:14). Neither his handsomeness nor his deputation helped him.

4. David:

David was a good looking, young man and a shepherd (1 Sam. 16:11, 12). But these qualities did not help him. The king’s armor also did not strengthen him (1 Sam. 17:38, 39). But God’s strength made him to kill Goliath (1 Sam. 17:38-50).
Now it should be clear for us that the above quoted incidents from the Bible implies that only God’s strength enables us to be successful in this world. Let us discuss about the important characters these youth had in brief:

a) Humbleness:
Many young men boast of money, power etc., in today’s modern world. But the Bible in Jeremiah 9: 23, 24 say, “Let not the wise boast of their wisdom or the strong boast of their strength or the rich boast of their riches, but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares the Lord.”
The knowledge of the world is utter waste, without God’s interference. God called Gideon, “mighty man of valor” and strengthened him to deliver the Israelites (Jud. 6:12). The Israelites then said to Gideon to rule them, but Gideon humbly said, “The Lord shall rule over you” (Jud. 8:22, 23)
b) Obedience:
God is ready to strengthen men. He wants men to obey Him. The parents also expect obedience from their children. But today disobedience is prevailing everywhere. Saul lost his kingdom because of disobedience (1 Sam. 15:23). David, who despised the commandments of the Lord, had to face God’s anger (2 Sam. 12:10-12).
C) Confession:
In today’s world, youngsters from traditional Christian families too refuse to confess the name of Christ. Young people feel shy to carry the Bible and carry Christ too. As the Bible says, Joseph, though he was the authority over all the Egypt, he confessed God’s name (Gen. 41:16). David confessed God’s name before defeating Goliath (1Sam. 17:46). Romans 10:9 say that “you should confess Jesus with your mouth to be saved”.
d) Faith:
This is an easily understood word. But let me take you to a deeper understanding of the meaning of this word. For example, you are planning to go to a place through a rough and tough road by walk. For that you have got a strong, famous brand of shoes. In half-way the shoes got torn. At that time only, you realize and call Jesus, what will I do? You did not have the faith on Jesus but you had on that shoe! If you had prayed at the beginning of the journey, the shoes will never tear, even if that happens, a different alternative will be there before you think about the next. Remember Abraham, who obeyed and believed God when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. Without faith on God, How can we say that we are descendants of Abraham?
If you read the above article with the Bible passages, you can understand the real strength and weakness of youth. If you consider the worldly blessings as your strength it is your weakness. But if you accept Christ and maintain constant relationship with Him, and practice humbleness, obedience, faith in Him, and confession, that will be your strength. If not the Almighty, even the whole world with us is useless.
Dear brother and sister! Read the Bible; and have a permanent relationship with our Jesus Christ, it will strengthen you and make you successful.
“Great is our Lord and mighty in power”. Ps. 147:5. Amen.
                                                                                                                  - Pon Subarson


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